Completed at last…

Poem-House and poem sequence for Lieutenant Trevor Benson .



Water Music and Aphrodite

I am very excited that my pieces, Water Music and Aphrodite along with some of my other poem houses will be showing at the truly delightful Emporium Gallery, 32 Bird Street, Lichfield as part of their Art of Literature Exhibition, February 28th -March 11th, 2017. 


Water Music

over eel-dark water
where something tethered between singing and speaking happens
a shrinking moon cold freckles the tea-rose pallor of a
southern sky



the horses are asleep
so Aphrodite slips in through the loaded sea
comes ashore and looks around



The Goose, the official publication of ALECC (Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada / Association pour la littérature, l’environnement et la culture au Canada), will be publishing my poem  Chalked later this month, February 2017. Poem House – Chalked.  

Follow the link above to read it, and other articles on environmental issues.




Framed assemblage of found materials that considers how poetry and architecture are interlocking dissident realities that record our experience of the ‘natural world’, and in so doing they can change the way we ‘read’, inviting us to think again about the way we respond to the landscape. The poem takes as its starting point a walk taken some years ago in the Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire and considers the beauty of minutiae and what we, as humans, tend to overlook.

‘the roof   the walls
stand dismayed in the
stopped air of the afternoon.

something on a broken wall
a hook of superstition   a chrysalis hangs   fogged and ditched
deaf in its second skin cleaving the sway of the weather’

extract from  Chalked